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B. B. King Quotes
B. B. King Quotes B.B. King was a renowned American musician, who is called the "King of the Blues'. King is renowned for his contr...
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B. C. Forbes Quotes
B. C. Forbes Quotes We have a good idea of our Bertie Charles Forbes (1880 - 1954) legacy just through the title of the magazine he created....
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No matter how strong our resolve is, whether it's work, training in big races, or relationships, it can be frustrating and tempting to g...
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Excellence And Innovation Quotes
Excellence And Innovation Quotes Innovation may be somewhat of a buzzword in business and the entrepreneurial community, but it is important...
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Quotes On Optimism Is The Key To Success
Quotes On Optimism Is The Key To Success Before getting into our list, let us tell you why reading optimistic quotes can come in pretty hand...
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Short Quotes On Discipline
Short Quotes On Discipline The following quotes depict the nature of self-control and discipline, as well as the ways in which these are nec...
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Meditation Quotes
Meditation Quotes  There are many benefits to meditation. Besides the obvious relaxation it gives you, meditation has a positive ripple effe...
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